Bless this person (prayer)

Dear Precious Lord in Heaven, Thank you for the person reading this prayer right now. Thank you for their heart. May you bless this person right now. I pray that you would fill them with your incredible peace. Wrap them in your love. May they feel confident and worthy. I pray that they grow closer to you every day. Fuel a desire deep within them to seek after you. I pray that the person reading this will ultimately choose YOU, desiring to lead a life by the example Christ set. May they also face everything with courage and may they walk in integrity. I pray also, Heavenly Father, that You help them with anything they may be struggling with in their lives, surround them with encouragement, and give them your precious wisdom. May the person reading this experience an ABUNDANCE of JOY! For it is in The MIGHTY Name of Jesus Christ that I pray this prayer, AMEN!!


Observe Learn And Discern (OLAD)

Please join me as I begin this exciting new online ministry that consists of lots of PRAYER, Encouragement, Bible Study, and LOVE for one another while ULTIMATELY getting to know Our Heavenly Father on a deeper level, allowing HIM to give us a more accurate view of who HE TRULY is as we study His word and seek Him DILIGENTLY through prayer, TOGETHER as we FELLOWSHIP!!!

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